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  The Truth about Cyberfeminism / Cornelia Sollfrank
Dolores' Bulimic Breakfast
electronic gender -art at the interstice SWITCH no.9
Notes on the Political Condition of Cyberfeminism / Faith Wilding & Critical Art Ensemble
Where's Feminism in Cyberfeminism / Faith Wilding
On Cyberfeminism excerpt from radio-interview / Helene Von Oldenburg
Hyperlink to Donna Haraway
The Contested Zone. Cybernetics, Feminism, and Representation / Kay Schaffer
Das weibliche Datenset pop~tarts special from Telepolis online / Margarete Jahrmann / Kathy Rae Huffman
Cyberfeminism with a Difference / Rosi Braidotti
Binary Sexes, Binary Codes Public Netbase Lecture, March / Sadie Plant  
Intelligence is no longer on the Side of Power interview with Matthew Fuller / Sadie Plant   
Thoughts on Cyberfeminism from Maid in Cyberspace, without date / Sheryl Hamilton 
Russian Cyberfeminism@The Kitchen Table Project Page inc. M.A. Thesis Text / Andrea Hapke & Jana Korb    
Future is Femail Some Thoughts on the Aestetics and Politics of Cyberfeminisms (pdf) / Verena Kuni 
Performing Cyberfeminism / Verena Kuni  
Beyond The Binary Riding The Meridian, Vol II, No.1 / Women & Technology
Engeneering Cyborg Ideology / N. Katherine Hayles
Estudios online sobre arte y mujer (castellano)